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Changing Lives with Spiritism: Fresh Perspectives for a New Humanity

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1  A Personal Message

2  Why Changing Lives, Fresh Perspectives, and a New Humanity?

3  In Search of Truth: Have You Ever Felt This Way?

4  A Starting Point

5  Setting A Few Things Straight

6  What Do You Mean, “Codification”?

7  A Holistic View

8  Life and Love Are Not Lost

9  Spirits: Seen and Heard, but Too Seldom Mentioned

10  Life After Death and The Spirit World: Wow!

11  Reincarnation, Evolution, and Free Will

12  A Blessing to Forget?

13  Why Does God Allow Suffering?

14  Spiritual Mentors & Friends: The Comfort of Knowing They’re There

15  Beware of Bad Company

16  Prayer

17  Jesus

18  The Spiritist Center

19  The Perspective From “Up Here”

20  The Only Way




Changing Lives with Spiritism

Fresh Perspectives
for a New Humanity

Heather Bollech-Fonseca


 Heather Bollech-Fonseca, a student of Spiritism for over 15 years, is an active contributor to the United States Spiritist movement and participates in the dissemination of Spiritism through speaking, writing, and translating. She is a co-founder and the chief developer of the Spiritist website ExploreSpiritism.com.


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"Spiritism speaks to the heart, mind, and soul. There is something in it for every individual. With great enthusiasm, I extend to you my heartfelt invitation to explore the treasures of wisdom and inspiration that Spiritism has to offer."
Heather Bollech-Fonseca



(c) 2013 Léon Denis Spiritist Group